Frequently asked question

Tracking number

We aim to send tracking numbers within 48 hours of of your item being processed. We Tracking numbers can be done via a royal mail website which will be emailed to you on the order moving to ‘completed’ 

If you get stuck please email and it will be looked into.

Card Not Authorised

Sometimes when credit/debit cards are not authorised its due to it being an overseas transaction or incorrect details or funds. 

You will get an email from us allowing you to update them! or feel free to call.

Can you build my goods

Unfortunately due to the goods being at such low margins they cannot be built and will be sent individually. 

Something needs returning

if you are unlucky and receive an item that is faulty, wrong or needs returning please just email us with a description or reason.. you can include pictures and we will get back to you asap with a return address depending on the item.



Delivery Costs

Delivery is a flat price world wide. 

Item is on Hold or Back Order

If your item is on hold its because no payment is collected and we have either contacted you or not yet processed the order.

Nothing will ever go on back order until we agree it with you, which could leave your order on hold as we will not take payment.

Why are we cheaper?

Sometimes people ask why we are quite a-lot cheaper than other sites. This is due to having no shop presence, low head count on staff and trying to work our business on volume.